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  • Swadeshi Triphla Aloe Vera Ras

    • 500 ml


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    Herbal Juice is like a natural supplement that ensures normal body functioning and enhance the immunity system. Our Herbal Juice is helpful in the treatment of sexual disorders, body illness & many other problems. No artificial colors are added to our Herbal Juice.

    Age Category Adult
    Gender Category All
    Benefits 1. Corrects digestion and keep stomach healthy. 2. Protects heart. 3. Improves immunity. 4. Wonderful for sugar patients. 5. Purifies blood and makes body healthy.
    Product Type Liquid
    Dimension (cms) 20 X 7.5 X 6
    Gross Weight 600 gm
    Bar Code 8906042870415

    Swadeshi Ayurveda

    Ingredients Amla/Emblica offcinalis 16% (100% pure as nature intended) Baheda/Terminalia belerica 17.98% (100% pure as nature intended) Harad/Terminalia Hebula 16% (100% pure as nature intended) Aloe Vera/Ghrit kumar Juice 50 %(100% pure as nature intended) Sodium Benzoate 0.02%
    How to use Shake well before use. 10-30 ml of Triphala Aloe Vera Ras (juice) twice a day with warm water or honey before meal.