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  • Radha Krishna Pastimes At Radha Kunda

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    About Products The eternal daily pastimes described here come from Gaudiya Vaishnava scriptures such as Govinda Lilamrta, Gopala Campu, Krsna Bhavanamrta, and Bhavanasara Sangraha. The occasional pastimes originate from various Puranas such as Padma, Skanda, Harivamsa and other sources like Mukta-carita. Some stories come from the “Sthana Purana”, which means the history of a place passed down through oral tradition for centuries by the local Radha-kunda Vrajavasis. Westerners would call this the village folklore. These stories are not only fascinating and fun to read, but they highlight many of the charming qualities of Radha and Krishna. By reading and reflecting upon them, devotees will increase their attraction, appreciation and love for Radha and Krishna. In essence, this is the whole purpose for presenting this book.

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    Pages 160
    Language English
    Binding/Cover Paperbound
    Product Type Books
    Dimension (cms) 21.5 X 14 X 1.5
    Gross Weight (gm) 300