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  • Patanjali Murabba: Bel

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    Benefits Patanjali Bel Murabba is a delicious organic marmalade prepared from the pulp of the bel fruit and sugar. The murabba aids in the treatment of diarrhea and dysentery. Bel is a natural coolant therefore keeps the stomach and body cool. In summers, it protects from sunstrokes. When consumed regularly it heals peptic ulcer. Bel Murabba reduces discomfort due to acidity and inflammation. It strengthens digestive and liver function and helps to keep the body healthy and fit. Bel promotes strong immune system and builds resistance against infections. It promotes adequate secretion of digestive juices which works as an appetizer. The fruit is a mild natural laxative so gives relief from indigestion and constipation. Regular consumption of Bel Murabba builds good resistance against cough, cold and other respiratory illness.
    Product Type Solid
    Dimension (cms) 15 X 11 X 11
    Gross Weight 1170 gm
    Bar Code 8904109470103


    Ingredients Bel, Sugar, Glucose.
    How to use 5-10 Gms Twice Daily or as Required.