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  • Kudos Tulsi Gold Green Tea (Lemon & Ginger)

    • 25 Tea Bags


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    Helps to reduce weight, boost metabolism, Natural anti-oxidant which eliminates free radicals from the body and builds immunity. Helps in refreshing and energizing body & mind. Guards against cold & cough. Enhance stamina, rejuvenates respiratory functions.
    Age Category All
    Gender Category All
    Benefits Slimming, Relaxing Anti-oxidant Tea
    Product Type Semi-Solid
    Dimension (cms) 14.5 X 9 X 8
    Gross Weight 130 gm
    Bar Code 8904120712578


    Ingredients Lemon Grass, Ginger, Ashwagandha, Green Tea Base
    How to use Dip 1 tea bag in a cup of tea of boiling water (100ml) approx for 2 minutes, stir well and drink like tea.