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  • Goseva Panchgavya Handwash (Neem & Gojharan)

    • 200gm


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    It is so strange that we invariably believe in the antimicrobial properties of chemical soap that we use daily for washing our hands. The studies and laboratory findings all have repeatedly stated the limitations of modern soaps and its inefficient affect as a cleanser or antibacterial action. On the contrary the hard chemicals like sodium hydroxide removes the upper layer of skin which gives a feeling of being cleaned, however this may cause other skin problems like rashes etc.

    Age Category All
    Gender Category All
    Benefits Specially Prepared for Temples, Sivalaya, Jinalaya, Ayurved Chikitsalaya, Home Use, Schools, Science Centers, Traveling Use etc.
    Product Type Semi-liquid
    Dimension (cms) 15.5 X 7 X 2.5
    Gross Weight 250 gm