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  • Goseva Gopika Panchgavya Chandan Soap

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    Goseva Chandan Sandalwood Soap
    Are you fed up with your dull, dead and unhealthy skin? Have you lost your faith in costly, chemical soaps that promise of radiate smooth skin but with no avail? Then Goseva- Chandan soap is the right choice for you if you wish to have smooth, fresh, healthy and glowing skin.
    Made from Cow&'s Ghee (Panchgavya), Cow&'s Milk (Panchgavya), GoMaya (Panchgavya), Chandan Powder, Aloevera , Glycerine, Sandalwood Oil, Ayurvedic soap Base Goseva Chandan Soap is all set to impart smoothness, removes rashes, fight infecting agents, acnes and cures eruptions. The mild aroma of sandalwood fights body odor and gives it healthy look.
    This panchgavya product is suitable for all skin types. Being 100% natural it doesn’t have any allergic effect on your skiin that may result in rash or eruptions. Use Goseva- Chandan soap to serve cows, help them become self reliant but above all prevent yourself from harmful chemical soaps that damage your skin.
    Age Category All
    Gender Category All
    Benefits Removes dryness & roughness of skin.Use daily while taking bath.Used as normal soap and is useful in fairness and dry skin.
    Product Type Solid
    Dimension (cms) 8.8 X 5.5 X 3.2
    Gross Weight 90 gm


    Ingredients "NO Harmful Chemicals Used - 100% vegetarian no Animal Fat or Oil Used - Panchgavya Formula Used with Chandan Powder - Very Usefrul for Glow Skin Naturally"
    How to use Rub on wet body surface while taking bath and rinse off.