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    Nature Neem oil is used in the preparation of bio pesticides and insecticide and effective against a number of  insecticide-resistant pest and  doesn’t harm the beneficial insects. Being biodegradable, there is no residue on the final produce. Like most of the vegetable oils Nature Neem oil is also  non—soluble in water and has to be made soluble in water with suitable emulsifiers before spraying.

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    Benefits "Though study about the therapeutic usage of neem oil is very limited, you will find a few proofs that neem oil might function as antimicrobial (a kind of element which destroys or prevents the progress of microbes, like germs and fungi). The antioxidants contained in neem oil can certainly help your facial skin to appear youthful simply by stopping fundamental deterioration. The normal usage of neem oil on the face helps in reducing the look of fine lines and signs of aging. Neem oil not only organically whitening your tooth, it would as well lessen tooth deterioration, cancer pains, and gingivitis difficulties. The consistent application of neem oil stops baldness and encourages the growth of hair from the origins. This oil may also take care of curly hair."
    Product Type Liquid
    Dimension (cms) 10 X 4 X 4
    Gross Weight 60 gm

    Gangeshwari Herbals

    Ingredients 100% Pure Neem Oil
    How to use "Neem oil is generally useful in treating difficulties such as dandruff as well as dried out scalp. In such situations, neem oil is usually watered down in other oil, rubbed to your scalp, and wait for some time (generally around half an hour or even more) ahead of washing. Additionally, neem oil is utilized to cure nail fungi and even pimples. Neem oil is going to soften your skin. Several supporters even recommend that neem oil may function as a genuine bug repellent. Referred as “azadirachtins”, selected components present in neem oil would have insecticidal characteristics."