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  • Karachi Bakery Double Delight Fruit Biscuits + Cashew Biscuits

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    Gross Weight 500 gm

    Karachi Bakery

    Ingredients Refined wheat flour Cashew nut Papaya preserve Hydrogenated vegetable fat Milk solids Sugar Salt Vanilla, butterscotch, and mixed-fruit flavours
    How to use Karachi Bakery Double Delight is an assortment of the brand’s Fruit Biscuits and Cashew Biscuits, making it hard to resist. Available in a convenient pack, it is an ideal gift for special occasions.Fruit Biscuits, also popular as tutti-frutti biscuits,is the signature product of Karachi Bakery made with wheat flour, sugar, and hydrogenated vegetable fat. The whole of Hyderabad vouches for its heavenly taste that has the right amount of sweetness, cashew nut, and candied papaya. Cashew Biscuits, on the other hand,is one of India’s most famous cookies with generous amounts of the nut inside out.