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  • Jiva Pain Calm Oil (For Muscle & Joint Pain)

    • 120 ml


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                                            Jiva Pain Calm Oil (For Muscle & Joint Pain)


    The oil works wonders in patients whose body movements are impaired, or whose major or minor joints are affected. It melts away ‘ama’ (toxin) deposits from the joints – the toxins that cause redness and swelling in the affected areas. This oil, a combination of effective classical formulas, releases muscular and nerves tension and ensures proper blood circulation that helps ease joint pains and stiffness.

    Age Category All
    Gender Category All
    Benefits Relieves joint and muscular pain Controls swelling and inflammation of joints Reduces stiffness and tension Strengthens the bones and muscles
    Product Type Liquid
    Dimension (cms) 14.8 X 5 X 3
    Gross Weight 140 gm
    Bar Code 8904050601656

    JIVA Ayurveda

    Ingredients Maha Narayan Oil, Maha Vishagarbha Oil, Gandhapura Oil, Prasarinin Oil, Terpentine Oil
    How to use Apply on the affected parts and massage gently