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  • Jiva Walnut Scrub (Exofliator)

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    About Products Jiva Walnut Scrub contains a special blend of natural ingredients such as walnut, apricot oil, and jojoba oils. Walnut makes the skin more youthful by gently removing superficial dead cell layers. Jojoba oil is a superb moisturizer, and is suitable for all skin types. It unclogs the pores, and makes the skin free from impurities. Together, these ingredients work as an effective Ayurvedic exfoliator.
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    Benefits "Excellent natural exfoliator Improves complexion Nourishes the skin Relieves skin dryness"
    Product Type Semi-Solid
    Gross Weight 70 gm

    JIVA Ayurveda

    Ingredients "Akhroat – Walnut Jojoba Oil Khubani – Apricots Badam ka Tel – Amond oil Mulethi – Licorise"
    How to use "Wash face with lukewarm water and dry with towel. Apply the scrub all over face and neck and rub gently. Avoid the eyes. Gently massage in upward direction."