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  • Bio Bliss Panch Tattva Moisturizing Cream (Olive Oil & Shea Butter)

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                     Bio Bliss Olive, Shea Butter & Kokum Butter Moisturizing Cream (Feast for your skin)


    A herbal formulation contains nourishing Panchgavya (Cow ghee, Cow milk, Cow dung, Cow curd, Cow urine) blended in a traditional proportion which nourishes the skin, helps in getting rid of many skin ailments. Cow dung nourishes, heals skin irritation. Cow urine detoxifies skin. Milk gives fair and smooth complexion. Curd reduces blemishes and Hydrates Skin & ghee moistrizes and increase luster and beauty of the body. Olive Oil moistrizes, helps regenerate damaged skin tissues, make skin soft, gives elasitcity, heals skin irritation and treats skin burns. Sheabutter: Provide Vitamin A & E to skin, treats blemishes, wrinkles etc. Kokum butter: Soften nourishes and protects skin from loosing moisture.

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    Benefits Panchagavya Cream is a mothers’ homemade recipe to naturally protect and moisturize your skin. The blend nourishes, mousturises and heals your skin from within.
    Product Type Semi-liquid
    Dimension (cms) 12.3 X 5.5 X 3.5
    Gross Weight 70 gm
    Bar Code 8909819171951

    Cowpathy (Bio Bliss )

    Ingredients Each gm contains: 182.5 mg of filtered Panchgavya mixture, 150 mg olive oil, 100 mg Shea butter, 100 mg Kokum butter, 10 ml coconut milk, beeswax and gangajal.
    How to use Take a little less quantity then required and rub in circular motion on face and body till cream gets absorbed.