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  • Bio Bliss Herbal Hand Sanitizer: Energizing (Alcohol Free)

    • 50 ml


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                                               Bio Bliss Herbal Hand Sanitizer: Energizing (Alcohol Free)


    An Alcohol-free Herbal formulation, contains cow urine blended in proportion which nourishes the skin and helps in getting rid of many skin diseases. The effective combination leaves your hands moisturized and becteria free.

    Age Category All
    Gender Category All
    Benefits Require less time than hand washing; act quickly to kill microorganisms on hands; are more accessible than sinks; reduce bacterial counts on hands; do not promote antimicrobial resistance; are less irritating to skin than soap and water; some can even improve condition of skin.
    Product Type Semi-liquid
    Dimension (cms) 11 X 3.5 X 2.5
    Gross Weight 60 gm
    Bar Code 8909819172403

    Cowpathy (Bio Bliss )

    Ingredients Cow Urine, Gangajala & Benzalkonium chloride
    How to use Apply product to the palm of one hand, Rub hands together,rub product over all surfaces of hands till dry.