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  • BABA Supari Silver Coated (Flavoured Betelnuts)

    • 10 gm


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                                               BABA Supari Silver Coated (Flavoured Betelnuts)


    "Infused with refreshing, exotic and aromatic BABA Flavours, BABA Supari is a premium selection of the choicest Betel nuts available. Being premium quality, every little fraction of BABA Supari is coated with the finest silver using German machinery making it pure and refined. BABA Supari does not have any added artificial colors and has therefore been a favorite of the people who prefer supari as an oral gratifier. BABA brings out the purest texture and taste in BABA Supari for its loyal customer base.

    Supari has been an integral part of the Indian tradition for as long as anyone can remember. Besides being a hugely followed oral gratifier, supari has its medical uses too. It helps to control blood pressure and improves immunity."
    Age Category Adult
    Gender Category All
    Benefits Premium quality, oral gratifier, control blood pressure and improves immunity.
    Product Type Semi-Solid
    Dimension (cms) 5.6 X 1.8
    Gross Weight 30 gm
    Bar Code 8901837421049

    BABA Product

    Ingredients Betelnuts, Aromatic Spices, Silver Leaves, Saffron & Saccharin Sodium