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  • Axiom Mari Gold Juice - Tagetes Erecta (No Water Added)

    • 250 ml


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    About Products Marigold Juice found very effective in piles. This Marigold Flower Juice also found effective in premature ejaculation. It can also be used as ear drops during ear pain. Marigold Leaf Juice also known to cure Blemish, Pimples, Skin Disorders, Itching and Posriasis.
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    Product Type Liquid
    Dimension (cms)
    Gross Weight 350 gm

    Axiom Ayurveda

    Ingredients Pure Juice of Marigold: - 99.8% Permitted Preservative(Sodium Benzoate) - 0.2%
    How to use PREFERABLY MORNING& EVENING For Infants 2 DropsTwice a Day. 1-5 Years 2/3 ml Twice a Day. 5-12 Years 5 ml Twice a Day. 13 and above 10ml Twice a Day or as directed by the physician