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  • Axiom Gomutra Ark - Enriched With Tulsi, Rose Petal And Neem Juice

    • 500 ml


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    It contains: Gou Mutra Ark(Cow’s Distilled Urine) is enriched with Rose Petal, Neem & Tulsi Juice. Cow’s urine is also described as other form of ‘Ganga Jal’ in many literatures coz of its effects in almost every diseases. This Ayurvedic Medicine is especially made for treatmentall of all kinds of skin diseases & infections in the body. Its regular use increases our eye sight, boosts our immune system, maintains blood pressure. All its ingredients together form a mixture which prevents, helps to cure Diabetes. It is also very effective in diseases like asthma, cough, cold & all types of fever. Recent studies have proven its excellent effect on cancer. It is effective in Cancer & Jaundice. It also increases H.B. count. It increases our eye sight, skin fairness & vitality power. It is very effective in all diseases caused due to diabetes. It boosts our immune & digestive system. This medicine is very effective in purifying blood. It detoxifies the whole body. It kills Stomach Worms. Its nasal in ear cures all kind of ear problems.

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    Axiom Ayurveda

    Ingredients Gou Mutra Ark 97% Neem Juice 1% Rose Petal Juice 1% Tulsi Juice 1%
    How to use For infants- 5ml twice a day. For Adults- 20 ml twice a day