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  • Axiom Aloevera Juice

    • 500 ml


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    About Products Get the power of Aloe Vera from inside with Axiom Aloe Vera Juice. This juice is enriched with?├┐fibres?├┐and nutrients which maintain a healthy skin by repairing the cells. It removes the toxins from the body improves digestion and aids to weight loss. To some extent, it is useful in controlling blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, and piles.
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    Product Type Liquid
    Dimension (cms)
    Gross Weight 600 gm

    Axiom Ayurveda

    Ingredients Food value per 1000ml Aloin 15% Barboline 9% Carbohydrates 8% Proteins 0.5% Fats 0%
    How to use For Infants : Not to use 5-12 Years 20ml Twice a day Adults 30-50 ml Twice a day Or as directed by the physician